Terms And Conditions

AeroCoat Source

Purchasing Terms and Conditions

AeroCoat Source operates under a Quality Management System certified to AS9100:2016 Rev D. As a supplier to AeroCoat Source, it is understood that by acceptance of an AeroCoat Source Purchase Order (PO), your organization agrees to meet the requirements listed below. In this document, "supplier” refers to the company or entity AeroCoat Source contracts with, via a PO, to provide raw materials, products, or services that impact AeroCoat Source’ ability to meet its customer’s requirements.

1) By accepting a PO, a supplier commits to meet AeroCoat Source’s requirements contained therein, including:

2) In some cases, requirements in addition to those stated on the PO will be communicated via drawings or CAD data.

3) In cases where changes to a process, product, service, sub-supplier, or location may impact the supplier’s ability to meet AeroCoat Source’s requirements, the supplier must notify an appropriate representative of AeroCoat Source in advance of making the change.

4) AeroCoat Source expects 100% on time delivery. If the required by date on a PO cannot be met, the supplier must notify AeroCoat Source’s Customer Service Department in advance.

5) AeroCoat Source monitors supplier performance on a monthly basis and determines a Supplier Performance Score.

6) Suppliers who do not maintain a Supplier Performance Score of >90% may be removed from AeroCoat Source’s Approved Supplier List without advance warning.

7) Suppliers will be expected to complete and return self-evaluations as requested by AeroCoat Source’s Customer Service Department. These self-evaluations are intended to provide AeroCoat Source the information needed to understand the scope of a supplier’s Quality Management System, and help determine what, if any, risk mitigation activities AeroCoat Source will perform to manage that supplier. Suppliers who do not complete the self-evaluation as requested may not be added to AeroCoat Source’s Approved Supplier List.

8) Suppliers must notify AeroCoat Source of nonconforming products detected both before and after product acceptance. Disposal methods of nonconforming products must be approved by AeroCoat Source.

9) AeroCoat Source will notify suppliers in the event that nonconforming product is detected after product acceptance. Depending on the severity and scope of the nonconformity, AeroCoat Source may issue a formal Corrective Action Request to the supplier of nonconforming product.

10) Suppliers are responsible for taking all necessary steps to prevent the introduction of counterfeit parts to the supply chain. Specific requests for product traceability, or the requirement for material/conformity certificates will be specified via PO.

11) When AeroCoat Source intends to perform verification/validation activities at the supplier’s premises, this will be communicated to the supplier in advance.

12) Suppliers must flow down AeroCoat Source requirements (including AeroCoat Source’s customer requirements) to their supply chain as applicable.

13) Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that its personnel are competent and aware of how they contribute to compliance with these terms, including, but not limited to:

14) Suppliers are expected to retain and maintain appropriate records of the activities listed above. The records must remain legible, readily identifiable and retrievable for a minimum of five (5) years after product acceptance. In cases where the duration of retention is increased (e.g. at the request of AeroCoat Source’s customer), specific instructions will be provided on the PO.

15) AeroCoat Source, its customer, and regulatory authorities retain the right of access to all applicable facilities and records related to products or services provided by the supplier.